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30 Minute Break

Watch 3D movies cause discomfort, eye specialists pointed out that when watching a 3D movie, the audience senses will be stimulated by the strong, stimulated by the strong will of central nervous system resulting in a series of reactions, very easily lead to headache, will undoubtedly raise brain loading, easy to trigger headaches.

Moreover, wear 3D glasses can make people's eyes adjust to the light, so easily lead to fatigue. And the theater was dark, 3D movie movie movie scene of stimulus, easier to create exciting emotions, leading to acute glaucoma. Therefore, patients with glaucoma should be wary of watching 3D movies.

If the viewer headaches or nausea, blurring of vision, or light, is surrounded by a circle of colorful Rainbow circle, even rubbing is not removed, should be wary of acute glaucoma attack, timely medical treatment.

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