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3D Cinema System An Unprecedented Stereoscopic Horizon

3D Cinema System An unprecedented stereoscopic horizon

From silence to sound, from black and white to color, from the film to the digital age, the Chinese film has gone through a hundred years of long development. In spite of the slowness, but the development of the film to today has become an indispensable spiritual entertainment, looking back over the past century, the film culture in every specific period of commitment to propaganda ideas, the main position of cultural transmission. Human civilization has created a film, the film is rich in human civilization, no matter how the development of society, how to improve technology, the film will become more bright, like in recent years, 3D film into a complete subversion of the traditional human vision, let people appreciate the unprecedented Of the stereoscopic horizon.

Today, the "Avatar", "Thai buried Nick 3D", "Pacific Rim", "Dragon Flying A" as the representative of large domestic and foreign, 3D way presented in the theater theater, for the majority of film lovers To a new three-dimensional movie experience. People love to watch 3D in the theater, mainly because the theater has an unparalleled advantage in the family or conference room. First of all, the cinema screen size is generally 10 meters high, 19.8 meters wide, mostly 120 inches or 150 inches, IMAX3D giant screen is greater. Second, the theater sound is the use of surround sound, a studio usually installed around the four more HI-FI sound. Who said 3D technology does not fly popular 3D TV full analysis

Recently, the National Quality Inspection Center on the current sales of 3D TV for quality testing, through the detection found that more than half of the products in the test of 3D TV in the clarity of the problem. This message once exposed, the majority of users sent to help posts, in the end what kind of product is considered qualified 3D TV.

Test report one, quickly attracted the attention of many TV manufacturers. Faced with such test results, the vast majority of TV manufacturers feel very wronged. Take the clarity test of this data, due to the different imaging technology, 3D TV there are two different forms, namely active shutter 3D TV box passive polarized 3D TV. The former in terms of clarity can achieve 1080p effect, but the use of long-term easy to cause eye discomfort. While the latter although the user can provide a more comfortable picture, but the fact that the clarity of the screen does affect the use of the results of the user.

From this point of view, two types of 3D TV has its own advantages and disadvantages, there is no good or bad. But to say that the resolution can not reach 1080p standard passive polarized 3D TV is not a qualified product, the reason is indeed some far-fetched. Subsequently, an industry came out to clarify the facts, the original test is only in order to better develop a standard qualified 3D TV, and not as publicity, "more than half of 3D TV failure", so the majority of consumers rest assured to buy 3D TV The

On the current market situation, whether it is active shutter 3D TV or passive polarized 3D TV, its quality is excellent, users can also be assured to buy their own products, as long as we do on-demand purchase Do not blindly catch the wind on the line.

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