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3D Cinema System Screening Mode

3D Cinema System Screening mode

Polarization mode stand-alone

RealD 3D technology is the typical of this way, 3D film source is a frame rate of 48fps format, left and right eye picture of the 24 frames, RealD 3D using the show is 48fps screen 3 times the frequency into 144fps, that is Each frame is displayed three times quickly. Through a set of in front of the camera "Z screen" to throw the projector in accordance with the polarization direction of the polarization direction of the polarization, there are two kinds of polarization direction, and with the projector to maintain synchronization, so as to ensure that the left eye and right eye Corresponding to the direction of light polarization of the screen to maintain 90 degrees orthogonal, with the metal screen and polarized glasses can show 3D effect. RealD 3D uses circularly polarized light.

RealD 3D glasses are simple and cheap, and comfortable to wear, but all the use of polarized light principle of the show are required to use the metal screen, an increase of theater investment. From the effect, RealD 3D effect is good, 3D sense is very strong, the screen basically no flicker, color reproduction more accurate. Its weakness is reflected in the light attenuation is large, the screen brightness is low, resulting in contrast is not high, especially in some cinema in order to save operating costs, the projector bulb brightness down, so that stand-alone projection, 3D movie brightness even worse The

Polarized way stand alone dual lens

Mainly used by Sony 4K projector a technology, this projector has two shots, which can be projected at the same time the left and right eyes, so called no time difference projector. The general brightness of this projector is higher, the actual viewing even worse than the two projectors together how much worse. In the Sony 4K projector is also integrated RealD 3D technology, seems to be two companies strategic cooperation. Due to no time difference, so the screen will be completely eliminate the flashing sense, other principles with the difference between ordinary RealD 3D is not big. Has not seen the actual effect, but in principle, as long as the solution to the brightness problem, this way with the double show should be no essential difference. So the effect is worth looking forward to.

Polarization mode dual display

3.1 IMAX 3D

IMAX Digital is springing up, IMAX 3D is an important weapon to make IMAX Digital above the average theater due to the low cost of investment and IMAX's flagship, IMAX experience shrinking version IMAX 3D using two characteristics of the projector were screening the left and right eyes, through the polarized filter, so that the left and right eyes of the light to become the opposite direction of linear polarization, and then through the metal screen reflection, into the audience wearing polarized glasses, and ultimately the formation of 3D Vision. IMAX glasses are thin but very large area, wearing a very comfortable. The biggest feature is the 3D screen brightness is particularly high, almost as bright as the 2D show. 3D picture is very strong, and very stable, showing the 3D scene in sight, it seems at your fingertips. Colorful real, really better than the ordinary theater 3D effect a lot. Between the left and right eyes almost no crosstalk, there will not be 3D screen ghosting, color exudation and flashing sense. IMAX 3D on the human eye without any pressure, not because of long-term light to see the eyes caused by discomfort, it touches on someone because of a particularly strong sense of 3D into a sense of vertigo, which also illustrates the side of the IMAX 3D experience charm.

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