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3D Eyeware Producing Process

3D Eyeware 3D glasses using the most advanced "time method", through the 3D glasses and monitor synchronization signal to achieve. When the monitor output left eye image, the left eye lens is translucent state, while the right eye is opaque state, and in the display output right eye image, the right eye lens light and the left eye is not light, so that two glasses To see a different game screen, to deceive the eyes of the purpose. In such a way to frequently switch to make the eyes were subtle differences in the image, calculated by the brain to generate a 3D stereo image. 3D glasses in the design of the use of sophisticated optical components, compared with passive glasses, can achieve double the resolution of each eye and a wide viewing angle.

  3D Eyeware Essential materials: red color paper, blue color paper, ruler, cardboard, signature pen, scissors, lipstick. Color paper is to the nearby stationery to buy, a large sheet as long as 12 yuan, thick cardboard is to the resource recovery box inside, find a cardboard to be lost.

Essential material.

Step 1: Pick up your glasses and put the shape on a thick cardboard with a signature pen. Remember the frame painted thicker, will be more durable; nose shoulders a little bigger, will be better with the nose shape match; support glasses ear box (do not know how to say) to do a little longer, if too long can cut short, but too Short words no save.

Everything is difficult, please carefully crossed.

There are sharp angle of the glasses shape.

3D Eyeware The second step: the shape of the glasses cut, then the glasses frame of the cardboard, cut off with a blade.

Thick cardboard is hard to cut.

The third step: with red lipstick to the red color paper attached to the left eye, blue paste in the right eye, do not make a mistake. Also if the color is not deep enough, look at the effect of the three-dimensional will be relatively poor, you can paste two layers of color paper.

Color paper color is too shallow, you can paste two layers.

Remember the left eye red right eye blue, you can also use the waste paper box to do the frame.

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