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3D Eyeware Stereoscopic Vision

3D Eyeware Stereoscopic vision

3D stereoscopic glasses is designed for real 3D stereo players to create the game world, three-dimensional respect!

3D glasses are not only used to watch 3D movies, there are very exciting 3D games, many game developers to produce large-scale 3D games, such as Technology Co., Ltd. to build 3D tour of China's speed city, the need for 3D Glasses and we usually see some ordinary 3D film glasses is not the same, this 3D glasses technical principles to be more complex.

3D glasses for PC graphics cards must have a suitable display and processor Caixing, so this three-dimensional glasses is not only expensive, technology is also in place for ordinary people (only look at the film) is not professional Of the 3D gamers or lovers, such equipment is not used.

The use of various 3D stereoscopic glasses:

3D glasses, red / red glasses; decoder glasses;

Red / blue: red / blue: glasses: for three-dimensional movies, 3D TV, 3D games, three-dimensional images, three-dimensional images of Mars.

Red / green: glasses: (fireworks glasses) used to watch the fireworks.

Day, lengthening glasses: gray: can completely absorb infrared, and most of the UV, and will not change the original color of the scene.

Polarized Glasses: Made with polarizers for field activities, fishing, mountain climbing, skiing, IMAX theaters. The new 3D glasses technology mainly has the following standard:

1, IMAX standard: linear polarized lenses, left eye horizontal polarized, right vertical vertical polarization

Polarized glasses are the use of light characteristics, in the movie show, the special emitter shows a 90 ° polarization angle of the screen. Two images polarized in different directions, while the glasses only accept the direction of the image, the combination of the brain to produce stereoscopic vision. Do not wear glasses to see the picture is overlapping image, some fuzzy.

2, X-PanD time-sharing system: also known as electronic shutter system

This technology is the left and right eyes of the screen alternately play, through the electronic signal synchronization, making the glasses corresponding to the left eye or the right eye a light, an opaque, alternating. Play the image and the frequency of the same glasses, you can see the three-dimensional image.

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