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Children 3D Eyeware Widely Promoted

Children 3D Eyeware Widely promoted

A special child 3D glasses can help the bird's eyes are not easily injured, the birds bring it, the researchers use the laser beam on the birds flying mechanism to start a study, and crack the flight problem.

Children's 3D glasses help humans understand bird flight mechanisms

How to study the bird flight mechanism and not let the birds hurt? 3D eyes can help!

Now, based on the extensive promotion of 3D technology, children's 3D glasses came into being. A parrot that wears children's 3D glasses plays a crucial role in the study of bird flight mechanisms. A parrot named Obi-Wan Kenobi wore a pair of ultra-small, tailored miniature children's 3D glasses, for scientists to solve the problem has been plagued by scientists on the flight.

Previously, the three commonly used approaches to bird lift calculations were questioned; it was not clear how much power the birds used to ensure that the body was upward. Based on this, the scientists designed the test: they used a few months of training Obi-Wan Kenobi flying from the height, through a projection on the prism column flat laser. Sounds dangerous? do not worry! Parrots wear specially tailored children's 3D glasses as goggles, and the laser beam itself is also harmless.

Why must it be a laser beam? Because scientists need three-dimensional observation of the birds in the wings of the vortex flow. And scientists use 12 high-speed cameras at a height of 1 meter to capture Obi's flight speed, wake and generate a whirlpool path. Scientists have surprisingly found that the vortex generated by bird flight can break in an instant, about 100 milliseconds. And the results of this study and December 5, 2016 published in the "Bioinspiration & Biomimetics" on. The results of this study are different from those of previous methods. Primary school students experience "tragic accident", wearing children's 3D glasses simulation drink driving

More than 20 children participated in the Qilu Evening News hosted by a "professional experience to visit the traffic police brigade" activities. In the bridge traffic police brigade, the children through the study of gestures, into the traffic police command center, simulated bus traffic accidents, traffic command and on the road to discourage illegal activities such as activities, determined to fight civilized travelers.

This gesture means that the front of the vehicle is forbidden to drive. "9:30 am, the traffic police brigade of the traffic police brigade hand in hand to teach children the basic gestures of the action The Through training, the children learned to stop, turn left, straight, change and other gestures.

After learning the gestures, the children began to visit the traffic police command center intelligent monitoring platform. The activities of this link are not only attractive to the children, but also very novel for the parents.

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