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Children 3D Eyeware Will Be Affected By The Fluorescent Light

Children 3D Eyeware Will be affected by the fluorescent light

Children's 3D glasses

Three-dimensional glasses by many color types, cf more common is red and blue and red green. The operating principle is to use light in the corresponding color and not the same color through the sex, to reach the two eyes only to see the 3D picture of a picture of a picture. Stereoscopic glasses are not only used to watch 3D movies, there are very influential 3D games.

One, when the sub-style

Mainly to the main LCD glasses, and now the skills are better, if the screen is large enough, the role and the film can be compared with the three-dimensional film. Can play 3D stereo games, and with the computer to complete a lot of features, but there is a defect, the monitor request is the CRT monitor, because the LCD display rewritable less than 100 or more, the new glasses 100 yuan is enough.

Shutter defects: First, will be affected by the fluorescent, opening and closing frequency and TV is not completely synchronized, there will be shining. Second, the eyes can only get half of the practice of light, so the automatic shutter to see out, like wearing a sunglasses to watch the same TV, and his eyes are very simple and tired. And TV-led environmental safety certification organization will not flash to determine the non-shine, useful to eliminate the watch caused by headache or tired of the eyes of the incentive. In contrast, the shutter 3D can not pass the certification. Shutter 3D lineup to CEA 'Polarization 3D can not complete the full HD, request to change the standard' claims, has been rejected by CEA (not flash will not let some people watch the discomfort, environmental safety organizations will be due to some People's health is not good and not given to the TV picture to understand the degree of natural and its irrelevant.

Second, complementary color

Mainly red and blue, red and green three-dimensional glasses, offer the cheapest, more than ten dollars will be able to buy one, no request on the monitor, but also in the TV, projection and so on, but this way to complete the three-dimensional approach, Have a little ghosting. But this approach to complete three-dimensional in foreign countries is very popular. But to see the moment can not be too long, this is a real red and blue three-dimensional film every half hour, we must get a section of the 2D, because foreigners are very concerned about protecting their eyes, so some buyers asked whether there are all Is three-dimensional, you understand this, you will not ask such a problem. Three-dimensional glasses to buy the first approach for this. In the case of

Third, polarized light

This three-dimensional viewing method can only be completed in the film court, at home can not be completed. Some people use the double projection method at home to use, but the offer is expensive, not practical, so the family, then buy polarized glasses is no meaning, unless you get a fifty yuan to buy a double projection system. Of course, the future development of skills, with a new dual-screen LCD display, it is possible to use polarized glasses at home use.

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