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Dual Projection 3D Cinema System Of The Configuration

  Dual Projection 3D Cinema System A projector with 3D function (refresh rate of 120HZ) (BenQ W700 screen up to 300 inches, 3D effect is the greater the more shock), BenQ W700 projector is a double 3D (to see 3D movies, but also play 3D Game), it runs almost can not hear the sound, the advantage is far greater than the shortcomings!

To meet a 3D requirements of the computer host (you must use WIN7 32-bit operating system and Intel Core series quad-core processor and NVIDIA series graphics card). I use down to see whether the Blu-ray 3D original disk or play the latest 3D games are very smooth, the following is my host configuration.

3D glasses must be selected for the computer dedicated NVIDIA glasses, it can accept NVIDIA graphics card through the glasses transmitter (when you buy glasses will send) the signal (the host should be on the viewer with the room, I chose the host of fans are super Silent type). If you can use LINK glasses can, LINK glasses can be used to see 3D video, but can not be used to play 3D games.

Dual Projection 3D Cinema System 3D playback software + virtual drive software (DAEMON Tools upgrade to the latest version) + 3D film source.

 Dual Projection 3D Cinema System On the subtitle: my computer installed "subtitle downloader", it can download the movie into the software box automatically download the corresponding subtitle SRT format files, save time and effort ...; if some subtitles through PowerDvd11 ( Or 12) will appear garbled, you can use Notepad to open the subtitle file, only the code into "unicode", and then save the same name file can be. (Note: subtitles to be placed in the prefix with the same name under the film)

Dual Projection 3D Cinema System Projector W700, it's the price you think is the highest, the grade is also very high, high resolution compatibility, 720P double projection (see 3D film is very transparent, crystal-like three-dimensional taste Jiaoren mouthnuts), 4500 yuan; desktop computer Host 5500 yuan; 3D glasses to pay 1,000 yuan; projection screen + HD HDMI cable 500-1000 yuan (if the host and the projector connection distance of less than 3 meters, it is recommended to use VGA cable connection).

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