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New Glasses-Free 3-D Approach Could Work On Thin, Flexible Displays

3D television was heralded as the breakthrough technology of the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. Hot on the heels of James Cameron?s eye-opening Avatar, 3D HDTVs were everywhere on the show floor. 

One year later, at CES 2011, 3D was back again — this time iterating. We saw bigger 3D HDTVs, 3D displays that didn?t require special glasses, and camcorders that captured 3D content. 

But where is 3D now? It?s certainly not showing up big on our CES 2012 radar, and now looks like over-hyped technology in hindsight — especially to those of us who always thought 3D?s natural home was in the movie theater, not the living room. 

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