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Stand-alone 3D Cinema System Of The System Classification

Stand-alone 3D Cinema System 3D stereoscopic movie projection system using ordinary polarized dual-machine 3D technology, play 3D left and right format of the film source. Common three kinds of dual-screen 3D experience, followed by IMAX 3D, ordinary polarized dual-machine 3D and Dolby 3D dual machine. Because IMAX 3D general prices are high, and Dolby 3D dual effect is still a certain limit. So "ordinary polarized dual-machine 3D" has become the most cost-effective 3D experience!

  Stand-alone 3D Cinema System The principle of 3D imaging is to let the left eye and right eye respectively see different angles of the screen, thus synthesizing 3D vision. In the theater popular 3D projection technology from the principle of speaking mainly in the following few:

3D stereoscopic movie projection system

A, the use of different directions of the polarized light to distinguish between the left and right eyes

  Stand-alone 3D Cinema System This technology uses active glasses, the use of LCD lenses to switch the left and right eye picture. As the weight of the larger glasses, wearing is not very comfortable, and because of the relationship between time-sharing switch, the screen will be a strong sense of flashing. As the active glasses need to synchronize the signal, the general requirements of the viewer sitting more correct, in order to properly accept the synchronization signal, otherwise it will make the screen lost 3D effects. And this kind of projection mode is most likely to occur, the crosstalk of the left and right picture. Because only stand-alone way of screening, so the brightness is not high, the end is often the effect is very poor, the date of the date of viewers will be more tired. Is the least recommended 3D experience.

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