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Stand-alone 3D Cinema System Stereoscopic Display Effect

Stand-alone 3D Cinema System Stereoscopic display effect

3D technology was born at the beginning, is a brilliant three-dimensional display is known. With the development of in-depth, 3D technology gradually penetrate into other areas, and the combination of intelligent technology that is one of the new trends in the development of 3D technology.

By the 3D industry economic annual meeting of the 2012 China 3D industry ten events, "smart 3D color TV standard" ranked second.

Beijing Zhongyikang Times Market Research Co., Ltd. Vice President Peng Yu believes that the future of smart TV will become the family "housekeeper", bear the Internet, payment, shopping, entertainment and other functions. Unlike traditional televisions that can only provide video services, attracting relatively low levels of education, and higher age groups, smart televisions will lead to structural changes in viewers. "Traditional TV brings us a single mode of play, and consumers are in a passive position.City TV can bring more autonomy, freedom to expand, more applications, unprecedented experience, and thus can pull back the lost audience. "Peng Yu said.

In this trend, smart TV will become the main application platform for 3D technology. And with the audience more richer, more high-end and more spending power, the future of 3D product design, programming will also be changed accordingly.

At the same time, 3D will no longer be trapped in the specific characteristics of the terminal. Extensive compatibility with each terminal application system will help 3D to achieve cross-terminal applications.

China Yikang era released the "China's smart 3D industry trends to determine" shows that the current smart TV market, Andrews system occupies more than 35% market share. At the same time, iOS, Windows systems and many domestic systems also occupy a certain market share. This means that if the 3D technology to identify the intelligent system, you can rely on intelligent systems in the mobile phone, tablet, reader and even smart glasses field to open up the soil.

A predictable trend is that intelligence will become the mainstream of the future market. Because of this, 3D technology and intelligence close only in order to get a broader development opportunities and space.

China's 3D Industry Alliance Secretary-General Tang Bin pointed out that the current is on the eve of the smart 3D outbreak, program producers, equipment providers, terminal manufacturers are at the same starting line, who can the industry's first real view, pragmatic Of the product, and the formation of a good business model, who will be able to win in the smart 3D era.

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