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To Boot The 3D Industrial Vision Health Upgrade

With the maturing of the 3D display technology, stereo effects, Visual impact has become a trend, and in pursuit of the sound and light effects at the same time, advocate a healthy, natural, comfortable trend has also become a new era of entertainment. Especially in recent years, with 3D TV and 3D channel of CCTV popularization, 3D TV sales rose, 3D glasses and 3D glasses along with a growing demand, essential 3D glasses for watching 3D television industry with the growth. Meanwhile, watching 3D images for a long time and lead to reduced quality of vision problems, people are paying more and more attention. Therefore, how to improve the quality of 3D glasses health, launched in line with human factors health products has become a business problem to be solved. Meanwhile, building a reliable and accurate visual fatigue evaluation indicators for the evaluation of 3D display technology, is not only the urgent need for protection of human visual health, but also strengthen the trend of technological innovation, industrial upgrading.

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